Phys ed first

You don’t need a diploma to go to college, especially if you fail to graduate because you didn’t take PE. From Bow, New Hampshire:

Though Isabel Gottlieb is a good student, a trumpet player in the school band and holds varsity letters in three sports, she discovered last fall she was one gym class shy of having enough credits to graduate next month.

She asked for a waiver, but the school wouldn’t budge, telling her instead she had to drop a class to take gym.

She’ll take the GED and go on to Trinity College in Connecticut.

I needed four years of PE to earn an Illinois high school diploma. I almost failed to graduate because I refused to walk — or fall off of — the balance beam. I had a friend who’d gone on to college after three years of high school, and I figured that would be OK. My counselor, an ex-gym teacher, negotiated a deal that enabled me to pass gymnastics and therefore PE, so I am a high school graduate.

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  1. Miller Smith says:

    Dig this twist: The high school will count her GED as a successful graduation from high school for the NCLB stats. That’s right! Even though the high school won’t let her graduate from their program due to a P.E. credit, they will be counting her as a net positive in their stats.

    It is well and good to have standards that must be met and to not allow students to get by. But when you say no to a student for graduation yo chould not be allowed to count the student you said no to as a graduate for your evaluation stats.

  2. What makes this worse than it seems at first glance is that, according to other reports, the original error was by the school administration, who belatedly found their error and wanted her to drop an AP course.

    And the PE class, from data on the school’s site, is not truly a PE class, but one of those touchy-feeley “whole life” things.

    There is no end to the idiocy loose in the educational bureaucracy, which is growing by the day.

  3. Steve LaBonne says:

    The great thing is that Trinity isn’t exactly chopped liver- her demonstration that such a good college cared not a fig for the high school’s stupidity is a nice finger in the eye for the “ed”iots.

  4. My wife never graduated from high school, just like her older siblings. Never got a GED, either. In fact, she began taking college classes in the summer a few years before she actually started college as a freshman.

    She graduated from law school a couple years ago and is now employed in a great job.