Personality testing for tots

A Texas schools is giving personality tests to first graders as an experiment. The Dallas Morning News reports:

There is a Mikey Roberts in every elementary school class. He talks a lot, he can’t sit still and he’s pushy — the one most likely to get in trouble.

. . . Mikey also is a people-oriented person with a domineering personality.

Said another way, he’s a natural leader.

That’s what a personality test said about the first-grader at Smith Elementary School in Frisco. He and 370 classmates are part of a rare pilot program designed to help teachers manage their students.

Teachers hope they can understand students better through personality testing. But don’t teachers already know about kids like Mikey?

“Mikey is just a very energetic kid who has to keep busy or he gets bored,” Ms. Roberts said.

It’s not rocket science.

My old boss wanted me to take the Myers-Briggs test when it was fashionable, but I ducked it. I read the hand-out, and told him to mark me down as an INTJ. He agreed that was my category. We saved a lot of time.

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  1. Funny. I’m ENTJ. I’ve always had INTJs as my close friends. We’re rare, I’m told. NTJs, that is.

  2. The Meyers Briggs testing was a godsend for me, because it taught me things about myself and others that I did not know. I’m an ISTJ, while my wife is an ENFP. Perfect complements! But I had no idea before the testing, and understanding personality preferences helped our marriage a lot.

  3. Eh, I think those tests are bunk. I can get about any result on the Meyers-Briggs, and not just because I’m messing around. It really depends on how I’m feeling that day. The one letter I never get is F, but I’ve gotten I/E, S/N, and J/P in all those combinations. So I guess I’m just T.