Parents, raise your yobs right

British Prime Minister Tony Blair told parents to do a better job raising children to respect others. Blair has proposals “to raise the age limit for buying knives, to introduce compulsory drug testing on arrest, to tackle binge drinking and to strengthen and extend antisocial behaviour legislation. He also promised to hold talks with head teachers to discover what new powers they needed in the classroom to improve discipline,” The Times reports.

He said there were deepseated causes of rowdy and disrespectful behaviour. They were to do “with family life in the way that parents regard their responsibility to their children, in the way that some kids grow up generation to generation without proper parenting, without a proper sense of discipline within the family.”

“I cannot solve all these problems,” he said. “I can start a debate on this and I can legislate. What I cannot do is raise someone’s children for them.”

I love the reference to “yobbish” behavior.

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  1. When I worked in UK politics, the “Yob Culture” to “Job Culture” was a hot phrase for Labour. They never really explained how the transformation would happen, but it sure sounded spiffy. 😉

  2. Ionfairy says:

    This is a good thing? They’ve already
    outlawed gun ownership to the detriment
    of the crime rate. Outlawing knives is
    next? Compulsory drug testing? Antisocial
    behavior legislation? This will help?

    Yes, the final statement is true,

    “What I cannot do is raise someone’s children for them.”

  3. Tony Blair’s singular defining characteristic is control-freakery. He is, however, now practically impotent, a lame-duck prisoner of his cabinet, after the last election cut his majority in the Commons so dramatically. As someone said elsewhere, “the Labour Party is now back in control of the Labour Party.” That means politics as usual has been restored in the UK after at least eight years, probably more like eleven (since Blair’s election as Labour leader in 1994).

  4. Here, Here, Ionfairy!

    For some stunning evidence, see:

    Nanny State here we come!


  5. Engineer-Poet says:

    My Brit friends lament that the “right” of self-defense has been defined out of existence in Britain.  The bobbies do nothing against the yobs because they “have no evidence”, but if a yob complains about the reaction of a harassed citizen the bobbies arrest and the government prosecutes.

    What to do?  Either put the decent majority’s interests ahead of yobs and chavs when it comes to law enforcement, or forget the law and go to outright vigilantism.  Nothing less will reverse the trend.

  6. The Good Doctor Dalrymple suggests that Mr. Blair will have his hands quite full:

    The deeper problem lies in the fact that much of our population believes not only that it has no duty to control itself, but also that it is actually harmful to try to do so. It believes that “letting its hair down” – that is to say screaming, smashing bottles, vomiting, urinating against walls in full view of others, swaying drunkenly in the gutter, hailing complete strangers to give them lifts, and so forth – is essential to its health and emotional well-being: that drinking in this fashion is a kind of Aristotelian catharsis, formerly achieved by watching the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles.

    The nation is quite drunken enough

  7. So he denies that the problem is one the state can solve while simultaneously promising to pass new legislation to solve it. Lovely.

    The Dalrymple article is worth reading as always. I suppose Blair’s blather is a fair price to pay for being able to read a response from “the good doctor”. Thank you Cris.