Only the store clerk knows for sure

Will the baby be a boy or girl? Some Manhattan parents don’t want to know their baby’s sex in advance. But they want to decorate the nursery in sex-stereotyped colors. “So they choose two sets of furniture, clothing and bedding, then ask the store owners to call their obstetrician to find out whether to submit the order in pink or blue,” reports the New York Times.

When I was pregnant, ultrasound wasn’t routine. I prepared with some unisex baby clothes, blankets and a mobile. My daughter slept with a blue-and-white checked Peter Rabbit blanket without any effect on her sexual orientation.

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  1. KimJ721 says:

    I know people who have found out the sex of their baby but then refused to tell anyone because they didn’t want an avalanche of pink- or blue-themed gifts.

    My parents bought a cheap pack of generic balloons in advance to celebrate my birth. Unfortunately, when they brought me home they realized the package was so cheap that it had no pink balloons, so they put up the red balloons that were the closest thing in the package. Apparently it was quite the neighborhood gossip as to what red balloons signified (the prevailing theory was twin girls, so I imagine the neighbors were surprised when it was just me).

  2. Hi, Joanne. Love your site. I trackbacked to this post on Saturday, but it seems your trackbacks aren’t working. Just wanted to let you know. Or am I repeating the obvious?