'If it feels good, chew it'

Dogs go beyond obedience at a canine academy in Monterey. The Onion reports:

Dogs who attend the Kylee Alternative Training Institute are exposed to a “creative canine learning environment where less emphasis is placed on obedience,” director Morgan Kylee said Monday. “We believe in helping our students to discover their own potential, rather than forcing them to conform to the traditional idea of what a dog should be,” Kylee said.

Dogs are encouraged to find their own parameters for carpet messing and barking. School motto: “If it feels good, chew it.”

Parody? Well, it’s from The Onion. Think about it.

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  1. elfcharm says:

    Brilliant sense of humor

  2. I love the Onion. Too bad those unfamiliar with the educational mess won’t appreciate this joke to it’s fullest measure.

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    I once had a women tell me that she didn’t train her dog because she thought commands were demeaning to the dog.