Girl Scouts get tough

Girl Scouts in Waukesha, Wisconsin are threatening to sue cookie deadbeats.

Girl Scout cookies aren’t free, as a few alleged deadbeats are about to find out. One scout group has filed small-claims lawsuits against people who failed to pay up.

Christine Slowinski, communications director for the Girl Scouts’ Great Blue Heron Council, said the legal action Thursday came only after several efforts to collect the money from sales of cookies in the annual fund-raising campaign over the past two years.

The amounts owed by two couples and three other women ranged from $301.42 to $1,485.68.

That’s a lot of Thin Mints.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    The sign at my front door – “If you ain’t a Girl Scout, git!”

  2. You know, this is actually a serious problem in scouts. There are people who order pay for $100 worth of cookies with badchecks. There are also moms and scout leaders who don’t turn their money in properly and keep the customer’s money for themselves. Last year I was a cookie leader so I got a look at the debtors list in the city of Houston and it was HUGE. The bad debt % would make any business manager cringe.

  3. SuperSub says:

    Sounds like they need to come up with a “kneecapping” badge for the girls to earn…

  4. “Sounds like they need to come up with a “kneecapping” badge for the girls to earn…”

    I just laughed so @%^$ing hard that I almost cried.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe that. Defaulting on a freakin’ cookie payment. That is truly sad.

    I realize it’s not in quite the same criminal league, but I’d class that in with breaking into and stealing from a church – you gotta be pretty audacious to do it.

  6. mollo wrote:

    Last year I was a cookie leader so I got a look at the debtors list in the city of Houston and it was HUGE.

    So why is it kept in confidence? The decision to write a bad check is predicated on the assumption that there’s a good likelihood of getting away with it. The cookie deadbeats have.

    Is there some substantive reason to keep their identities secret? If you get caught trying to pick up a hooker in some cities your name shows up in a column in the newspaper. Why should people who’re willing to cheat the Girl Scouts get better treatment?

  7. When someone ordered over $1400 worth of cookies, I wonder if this falls under “taking advantage of the mentally handicapped”?

  8. I wonder whether it’s a felony?

  9. So why is it kept in confidence?

    I wouldn’t say the list is top secret or anything. Putting an ad in the newspaper isn’t going to help at all. Each district has their methods for collecting the debts, some better than others.

    markm: The people who owe large amounts are not customers but parents of girl scouts and leaders. They are responsible for turning the customer’s money into the leaders but in some cases they keep the cash and don’t turn anything in. Nobody ordered 1500.00 worth of cookies. These are deadbeat parents stealing from scouts.

  10. I sure think it’s a felony! Stealing $4000 worth of cookie money should be a criminal matter!

  11. mollo, thanks, that clarifies things. And, although IANAL, that’s certainly a felony: theft through embezzlement or “conversion” is a felony if the amount is large enough, and $1400 is certainly large enough in any state.

    So why aren’t the GS calling the local prosecutors? Maybe they don’t want headlines like, “Girl Scout Troop Leader Sentenced to 5 Years.:

  12. BROWNIEMOM63 says:

    I paid 100.00 for my daughter’s brownie troop dues. Last year I was told that my daughter did not sell enough cookies to participate in the Build A Bear party at the end of the year. (In other words, I would have to pay if she wanted to go purchase a bear!) I did pay, as to not let my daughter know she didnt sell ENOUGH cookies to earn her own bear. Any activity my daughter and the other brownies participated in was paid by the moms. Nothing was supplemented with the troop funds, except some patches and very inexpensive crafts to say the least. All party goods and weekly snacks were paid by all the mom’s. When I inquired about how the troop funds were being spent,(for this year) the troop leader told me that she was offended that I had asked again what the breakdown was! I contacted Council back in Nov. 04 and found out the troop leader did NOT submit an annual financial report for last year. They sent her a letter and have not heard back. They seem to be dragging their feet on this issue……meanwhile, my daughter is still in the troop. (she is not aware of the problem I am having, so I did not pull her out).
    I am very frustrated because this year is coming to an end, and for the end of the year party they are planning to go for a “day of beauty” but my daughter can ONLY have a manicure because again, she did not sell enough cookies to cover the cost of both a manicure, pedicure and tip! (My daughter and I even sold cookies on a Saturday for about 3 hours in front of the troop leaders home. I was told that I needed to help sell cookies in order for my daughter to participate in the “end of the year” party.
    I dont see any evidence of troop funds being spent in a productive manner.What gives?
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks for letting me vent!


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