Early day

California school districts are dismissing students early on Wednesday, so teachers can board union-chartered buses to attend a rally in Sacramento to protest the governor’s spending plans and proposed special election. “We get out at 1:20 pm tomorrow, though we’ll make up the time on Thursday,” writes Robert Wright. “It’s probably legal, but it doesn’t feel right.”

Some schools close early on Wednesdays every week, so teachers will have planning time.

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  1. An early dismissal of students for this purpose is wrong in so many different ways…

    Barbara Kerr, the unelected “President” of The California Teachers Association should be ashamed of herself.

  2. As a teacher, I’d be out there protesting all right — against the damn union for pulling this (and many other) ridiculous stunt(s).

  3. I’m against this protest on school time as well. We get out early on Wednesdays, but it is used for collaboration in our department and faculty. One week is for subject matter meetings, one is for faculty meetings, one is for department meetings, and finally one for planning (and to attend special meeting). If the teachers leave early, make them use personal leave days.
    I’m against the Governor’s education idiocy, but I find that many teachers forget that the best education happens in the classroom.
    Unless you have a legitimate grivance, protest on your own time.

  4. methods says:

    The Governator is going out of state to raise millions to fund a campaign to attack teachers, firefighters, nurses and others through what will be an unnecessary and expensive election. I don’t blame them for trying to defend themselves.

  5. I used to picket stores that sold grapes because I believed that farmworkers should have decent working conditions.

    I just can’t see picking up a sign and making a lot of noise for a group of mostly white people who, while not wealthy, still drive fairly new cars and vacation in Hawaii.

  6. BadaBing says:

    All these problems will be solved once we have more diversity. Diversity is our strength.

  7. ragnarok says:

    Not quite sure what the teachers are upset about. The 7% increase that Schwarzenegger proposes for next year? The LAO report that we’ll spend only $9,586 per pupil (http://lao.ca.gov/analysis_2005/education/ed_anl05.pdf)?
    not counting parcel taxes, bond repayments etc.
    BTW, why does the union claim that we spend “only” ~$7,300 per pupil?