Draining power

In Los Angeles, school officials say the governor’s plan to turn low-performing schools into charters by vote of parents would lead to “chaos.”

Dan Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee calls it empowerment.

School district officials say the proposal would drain millions of dollars from the district’s coffers.

“This can produce chaos in this district,” Superintendent Roy Romer said. “I’m trying to warn people about it.”

Actually, no money would be “drained” from the district. Control over that money would, however, shift from district headquarters to the parents, teachers and administrators at the school site. The same schools where students have been under-achieving for years under the district’s management.

These schools received extra state money that was supposed to fund improvements. Schools that show no progress are subject to state intervention.

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  1. BadaBing says:

    It will not only cause “chaos” in LAUSD. I hear it could also throw the planets out of alignment.