Dismal drop-out reality

Examining drop-out rates is all the rage: The Indianapolis Star has a series. The Rocky Mountain News also is crunching drop-out numbers.

As in Indiana, the official figures are out of step with reality: The state of Colorado says the 2003 graduation rate was 70.6 percent; the Colorado Children’s Campaign estimates 37 percent. Looking at Denver, the News reports:

• One in three — 1,884 of the 5,633 eighth-graders — received a diploma from a DPS high school. Among the students in the class who advanced to ninth grade, 43 percent graduated from DPS . . .

• . . . About 27 percent of Hispanic eighth-graders in the class graduated from DPS, compared with 34 percent of black students and 45 percent of whites.

Some 37 percent dropped out; another 21 percent transferred to other schools.

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  1. nice graphics and analysis … although they undercut their story be going from 8th grade and then being unable to tell transfers from dropouts for 20% of their base

    would have been much more compelling and solid to run from 9th grade. I do find thier low stats for private school transfers (108 among the 5633 students suspiciously low … unless that crowd has already left at this point)


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