Class struggle in the classroom

The class struggle today is between the educated elite and the undereducated masses, writes David Brooks, channeling Karl Marx.

(The educated) congregate in exclusive communities walled in by the invisible fence of real estate prices, then congratulate themselves for sending their children to public schools. They parade their enlightened racial attitudes by supporting immigration policies that guarantee inexpensive lawn care. They send their children off to Penn, Wisconsin and Berkeley, bastions of privilege for the children of the professional class, where they are given the social and other skills to extend class hegemony.

. . . it is an iron rule of any university that the higher the tuition and more exclusive the admissions, the more loudly the denizens profess their solidarity with the oppressed.

. . . the malefactors of the educated class seek not only to dominate the working class, but to decimate it. For 30 years they have presided over failing schools without fundamentally transforming them. They have imposed a public morality that affords maximum sexual opportunity for themselves and guarantees maximum domestic chaos for those lower down.

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  1. Richard Nieporent says:

    Actually Brooks got it wrong. What we have at the university is not a system that would be attacked by Karl Marx but one that is the result of the implementation of his manifesto. The professors are the commissars of this dictatorship where free speech and free thought is suppressed for everyone but themselves and the masses (students) are subjugated to re-education classes if they do not profess fealty to the politics of the professors.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    I live in Palo Alto, so nothing in that article has the slightest interest for me.

  3. Jeez, I’d forgotten what a fun, self-parodying read Marx was. He’s more fun then Freud but not as entertaining as John Harvey Kellogg.

  4. elfcharm says:

    that was amusing, thanks joanne!

  5. Mr. Davis says:

    Since you brought it up, Walter, without doubt, the worst teacher I ever saw was at the Rev. Walter Hays School for the Children of Exceptional Parents. But so was the best. So, who knows.