Choose to help a teacher

On the DonorsChoose site, teachers post projects they’d like to do and how much money they need; donors can direct their money to whatever projects they want to support. So far, Donors Choose has raised $3.5 million.

For example, a middle-school math teacher in the Bronx wants to help seventh graders understand math by reading The Number Devil.

Most of my students dislike math because they find it frustrating and incomprehensible. The more time I spend with them, the more it becomes clear to me that this frustration is the result of a very basic lack of number sense. My students have been taught math for years by rote memorization and therefore, even my more successful math students have very little understanding of what any given number actually means or why any given formula actually works.

The book, a collection of 13 short stories, “makes math comprehensible for students by providing very simple explanations of concepts and examples of why patterns work.” The teacher asks for $533 for copies of the book and the CD-ROM.

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