Boring protest against boredom

I went out to dinner in downtown Palo Alto tonight and saw dozens of police offers running about; police cars blocked off University Avenue, the main drag. After dinner, we asked people milling around what was going on. They said it was a protest, but didn’t know about what. Then a polite young man explained he was protesting the G8 meeting in Scotland. Apparently it was a “Streetparty/Protest Against the G8, Global Capitalism, and Boredom!” We saw nobody doing anything except for standing around, which happens a lot in downtown Palo Alto on any Friday night. There was no partying and no window breaking, which must have been why the cops were out. It seemed, in the words of the organizers, boring.

Update: A San Jose Mercury News story says the protesters broke a window at the American Express office and threw trash cans around in the name of “reclaiming the streets.”

Downtown Palo Alto, which is filled with restaurants, always is crowded with young people on Friday and Saturday nights. Last night it was a little more crowded.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Did they break the window before or after you complained?

  2. methods says:

    I missed my nap.
    I’m cranky.
    Close the World Banky!

  3. Was parking any worse than usual?

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Years ago I worked in downtown PA. I spent between 5 and 10 bucks a day for lunch and beer. My last week there, I got 3 parking tickets, two in one afternoon. Since then, downtown has lost 30K of my trade. Screw you, downtown. Let the Punkies have you.

  5. La princessa de todo called me from downtown PA wanting to know what to do. She is one of those “young people” downtown. It seems a relatively safe hangout for 16 & 17 yearolds — they nosh a bit here, and promenade, and nosh a bit there, and promenade. She & the Girl Posse were worried about getting mixed up with the protest crowd & getting arrested. “Mom, it was stupid, they didn’t know if they wanted to protest or party. Some of the kids were getting loaded.”