At the rally

Teacher Darren of Right on the Left Coast went to the union-sponsored anti-Schwarzenegger rally, and discovered unwanted bedfellows.

Teachers, firefighters, nurses — all of us should be embarrassed, upset, and concerned by the participants in Wednesday’s rally. I’m not talking about the teachers, nurses, and firefighters themselves, who were for the most part very well-behaved, but rather the “outsiders” who were allowed in as part of the rally — the Stalinists, the socialists, and various assorted other lefties. What was billed as a rally to protest specific policies of Governor Schwarzenegger turned out to be an anti-American, anti-capitalist, far-left-wing gathering.

And union dues, my union dues, helped foot the bill for it.

Darren carried a sign attacking the California Teachers Association; the other side said, “I’m a teacher and I vote Republican.” He heard some nasty comments, and one sexual proposal not to his liking. Scroll down for his photos.

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  1. Incivility doesn’t seem like that big a deal when compared to the sorts of tactics unions have historically resorted too.

    Not that I’m condoning it, mind you, but it ought to be viewed in the proper historical context.

  2. I prefer to view it in the context of respect for diversity, “dissent is patriotic”, and “down with the man”–all associated with the left, and thoroughly lacking in my encounter with the off-duty police officer who should have known better anyway.

    Several teachers and other union members came up and made foul-mouthed comments to me as well. Fortunately, there were others who came up to me and said that they didn’t agree at all with my message, but that no one should be called an a-hole for peaceably holding a sign.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    When compulsory union membership is finally acknowledged as an unconstitutional abridgement of individual freedom, when its victims can talk without fear of goon retaliation, future generations will wonder af the meekness with which workers accepted their slavery.

  4. lindenen says:

    I will never understand why people who go places like that don’t bring video cameras or tape cameras. No offense but I’ve heard of so many stories about violent or rude behavior from Lefty gatherings that it would really really help the other side if people would record these yahoos.

  5. lindenen says:

    That should have been tape recorders, not cameras.

  6. Had I anticipated actions like those of the off-duty police officer, I’d have brought more recording devices. As it was I thought I captured the mood of the rally with still pictures.

    I’ll know better next time.