Wired for college

Thanks to the Wired story about the four Mexican immigrant boys who won a national robotics championship, the La Vida Robot Scholarship Fund has collected nearly $53,000. One team member still in high school has won a full scholarship from Cal Tech. The two who’ve graduated are still working, but one is taking part-time college classes and will use the scholarship fund to enroll full-time as a mechanical engineering major. The other, working as a file clerk, “plans to enroll in business courses this fall to fulfill his dreams of opening a restaurant and buying his parents a home.”

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  1. Boy, if this isn’t typical.

    Here’s a couple of guys – the teachers – who with precious little in the way of encouragement from anyone, fellow teachers, administrators, parents, get a bunch of what look like, and probably are, semi-civilized bums to take on and beat the well-funded students of first class college at its own game.

    As unlikely as this outcome is, the even more remarkable outcome is that no one cares about the teachers who pulled this off.

    The teachers may have done the educational equivalent of a bases-loaded homer in the in playoffs and no one gives a damn.

    Hey, Mike in Texas, why don’t you explain why you don’t give a damn what these guys did, why your school district doesn’t give a damn what these guys did, why school district these guys work in doesn’t give a damn and why in a short time no one will remember what they did?

    With all your excuses about low socio-economic status kids being all but unteachable and class sizes being just, oh so big and that awful, old NCLB making things difficult for just everyone, here’s a couple of guys getting it done and you couldn’t care less. They pulled off the unlikeliest of victories with the unlikeliest of students and, far from being interested if they have anything to teach you about teaching – in common with most of the rest of the profession – you aren’t even slightly interested.