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On the Carnival of Education, a Multiple Mentality contributor who’s taught for five years in Orange County,Florida explains why he’s planning to leave teaching in a few years. In addition to NCLB, he’s burned out by mouthy kids and unsupportive parents.

When I was in middle school, we didn’t dare talk back to any teachers. Much less tell them to do so with a stream of obscenities. If anyone did, they immediately were suspended. A colleague of mine was told to “Fuck off”, and the kid was back in class twenty minutes later, with no discipline from Administration! That undermines the authority of the teacher in his own classroom. If I’m not allowed to control my own classroom, how am I supposed to do my job effectively?

. . . I have called home to speak with a parent about a child’s behavior, and the parent refused to do anything about it. Parents refuse to discipline their own children. Then I was verbally assaulted by the parent telling me to keep order in my classroom and that the child’s behavior was somehow my fault because it was at school.

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