The killer as victim

On March 21, Jeff Weise, 16, murdered his grandfather, his grandfather’s companion, a teacher, a school guard and five students at Red Lake High School. Some of the money donated to families of victims will go to Weise’s survivors, the Tribal Council has decided.

“Why are they considering him to be a victim when he killed everybody?” asked Victoria Brun, sister of slain guard Derrick Brun. She railed against the Tribal Council’s decision that Weise be seen as a victim and that his family be allocated at least some money.

. . . Tribal Chairman Floyd (Buck) Jourdain Jr. said Wednesday that the Red Lake Memorial Fund, set up at Wells Fargo bank branches, has received more than $200,000 in donations and that more is arriving.

. . . The Tribal Council on Wednesday distributed $5,000 checks to 15 families, including Weise’s.

Jourdain’s son has been arrested on charges he had advance knowledge of Weise’s plan to kill students.

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  1. “Why are they considering him to be a victim when he killed everybody?”

    Because Jeff Weise was a victim of the school system. That’s what started all this. Forced school attendance, bullying, and refusing to provide for his personal needs. Sure they provided for his ethnic and tribal needs as a Native American, in true PC fashion, but not his personal ones. School Socialization is murder, and educrats are child murderers. They are the ones who must pay for this disaster.

    She railed against the Tribal Council’s decision that Weise be seen as a victim and that his family be allocated at least some money.

    He was most likely a victim of his family, too. They probably abused him, and now they get some money out of this.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    After the Kennedy assassination, people sent over $700,000 to Oswald’s widow.

  3. genericuser says:

    Well I’m not going to take a side in this, but I will say the money isn’t going to Weise himself, it’s going to his family. Weise will in no way benefit from it.

    You can call him a victim or murderer or whatever, but try as you might, you can’t punish him for what he did. Denying money from his relatives won’t punish him. Our urge is to take it out on someone, and his relatives and the school system are handy. They may be to blame for not doing enough or not providing a safe environment or a loving, healthy upbringing, but they didn’t pull the trigger.

    But to be honest about “not taking sides”, I can understand the outrage some people feel, especially if you think Weise’s relatives are being rewarded somehow for helping raise a kid to be a killer.

    I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my daughter were killed and the killer’s family got part of the money donated to a fund set up in memory of her.

    So we’re back to where we started. See, I didn’t take a side, I took BOTH sides. Just food for thought.

  4. no cognitive dissonance if you look on the money as going to the survivors of the deceased grandfather. That is separate from any discussion about whether the teenager is positioned as a victim or not.

  5. I have no tolerance for child abuse, and Wiese has all its earmarks – though as in many cases, not enough evidence for prosecution. So clearly he was a victim. And it is possible to be a victim and a murderer at the same time.

    Do I side with the chronic abuser(s) or the reflexive psychotic mass surderer? Neither, really. Both harm the innocent. Abusing someone to the point of suicide is just as bad (or more so) than shooting him in the head. And when a psycho does manage to harm an actual tormentor, that tormentor becomes just as much of a martyr as someone truly innocent. Nobody wins here.

    As for educational authorities, they make at least some of this possible – whether through malice, incompetence, or disinterest. (Here I refer to administrators more than teachers.) Of course the old Roman punishment of decimation is too barbaric to be applied here – but how about cutting their pay by 10% every time a school murder or suicide happens? That would really hurt the most greedy, and force some reforms. But it won’t happen in the real world, any more than homeschoolers and private schoolers not being taxed and harassed by an educational system of no use to them.

    The best defense is staying home.