Take Our Sons To Task Day

Girls learn about medicine; boys learn about sexism at UC-San Francisco Medical Center’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” today, sponsored by the Center for Gender Equity. Or inequity, as the case may be. The SF Chronicle’s Matier and Ross write:

For example, the 9- and 10-year-old daughters are being invited to participate in 17 hands-on activities such as working with microscopes, slicing brains, doing skull comparisons, seeing what goes on in the operating room, playing surgeon, dentist or nurse for a day, and visiting the intensive care unit nursery, where they can set up blood pressure cuffs and operate the monitors.

They can learn about earthquake and disaster preparedness, how to use a fire extinguisher, how to operate several types of equipment — even fire a laser.

And what do the boys get to do?

Learn about “gender equity in fun, creative ways using media, role playing and group games” — after which, the boys can get a bit of time in with a microscope or learn how the heart works.

Center director Amy Levine, says a mixed program didn’t work.

“It mirrored the same sexism that occurs in the classroom daily,” she said, “where boys raise their hands more often, demand more attention and have discipline problems.”

So now the boys have their own gender sensitivity program, where “they learn about violence prevention and how to be allies to the girls and women in their lives,” Levine said.

Maybe they’ll learn not to raise their hands in class.

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  1. Of course, if one is *looking* for sexism, odds are one will find it.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    When is it “Take your Cat to Work Day”?

  3. Or invent it. The same is often true of racism.

    Amy Levine: “It mirrored the same sexism that occurs in the classroom daily”

    So another kind of sexism which treats male and female children differently is better? Yyyyeah.


    “Take Our Sons To Task Day” is a brilliant pun. The double meaning eluded me at first. But it’s wonderful because it is so subtle.

  4. Whatever happened to “separate but equal”?

  5. Well, at least they’re not pre-medicating the boys to make SURE they don’t act out. That’s about the only positive spin I can find.

  6. Bah, medicine. Who needs Waste-rn “science”? Perhaps traditional herbs are what the Y chromosome-afflicted need to attain the gender sensitivity level of an indigenous persyn. 🙂

  7. nailsagainsttheboard says:

    How about….

    “Take Your Clueless Leftist professor To Work Day”

    “Take Your Transgender Parent To Work Day”

    “Take Any Homeless Crack Whore To Work Day ”

    This whole program is asinine; a parent can take his/her child to work any day when they are on vacation from school–not on taxpayers’ time.

  8. Sexism in the classroom? Does she mean the sexism which has allowed females to get accepted into colleges in much higher rates then males?

    Here at the University Of San Diego in my classes of 25 there are only 4 or 5 males max.

    That must be what they mean by Gender Equity.

  9. Kish,

    Some humyns are more equal than others.

    Besides, the universities are the last bastions of true Equality ™. Once those womyn graduate, they’ll find themselves struggling in a world run for and by the Y-Chromosome Creatures.

    Seriously, when I was a professor, most of my students were women, particularly in more advanced classes. Honestly, I never even thought about my students’ gender until now.

  10. carol mcl says:

    I teach, have more boys than girls, yet find that more girls than boys raise their hands first to volunteer answers and to read…

  11. Cousin Dave says:

    And people wonder why misogynist rap is so popular. NOTE: I am DEFINITELY NOT SAYING that I approve of that. However, when one grows up taking this kind of crap from all of the females in one’s life…

  12. Katherine C says:

    This is ridiculous. How does being sexist battle sexism? Seriously, it should obviously be a mixed group. And if the boys tend to raise their hands more, or the girls do, well that could just be their personalities. That wouldn’t be a deliberate attempt to treat people differently or to deprive one group of something because of their gender which is what this program is doing. It’s the program that’s sexist, not anything that was happening in the mixed groups.