Rape in the auditorium

At a Columbus high school, A 16-year-old disabled girl was dragged to the auditorium stage, “punched and forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys,” as dozens of students watched and one videotaped her humiliation.

Mifflin High School officials who found her bleeding from the mouth did not call police, and an assistant principal cautioned the girl’s father against calling 911 because the media might get involved, according to statements from school officials obtained by The Columbus Dispatch.

The girls’ father ignored the advice and called the police.

In the statements, which have students names blacked out, one student said the boys told the victim: “If you scream, I’ll have all my boys punch you.”

Someone then “punched her in the face and she dropped to her knees,” the witness said.

One witness looked for a security guard during the assault, but found no one. When the attackers ran away, several students helped the girl get dressed and took her to a guard.

The Columbus School Board has fired the principal and suspended three assistant principals for failure to call the police. Four boys are being investigated for the assault.

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  1. Lou Gots says:

    I can’t quite match an on-stage rape, but, hey, my school is only K-5. Yesterday, April 12, we had several serious assault incidents, including one in which some grungy street critter got himself dragged off in handcuffs in plain view of my third-grade class. A couple of hours later, while riding shotgun on a bathroom run (children cannot go to the bathroom without escort in the city, havn’t you read the above story about the sodomy-rape?), I helped break up another prison riot outside the cafeteria. As that grungy street critter is being frog-marched off, I am conversing with the vice-principal when another G.S.C. runs up, dreadlocks flying, and assaults a child in line coming out of the lunch room.

    Well, I thought, here we go again, more police cars. Silly me. The vice waves her finger at the G.S.C. and admonishes,”I saw that. Now you apologize.” Now we are seeing what “zero tolerance” means in practice. Raise your hands in lawful, constitutionally-protected self-defense and you will be transferred out of your neighborhood school. Ditto if you should press your complaint too stridently–victims get transferred out in this district. But if you are a G.S.C. who is being bussed out to a formerly decent neighborhood school, or who is using a bogus address (we have a bunch of those), why then just make sure you “apologize.”

    2014 can’t come soon enough.

  2. The story says the principal was fired. I wonder whether it was for trying to hush the incident up or for a failure to hush the incident up successfully?

    Reading further in the linked news story, it wasn’t just the principal who tried to persuade the girls father not to call the police but at least one assistant principal as well. It’s starting to sound a bit more like school policy not to call the cops although the policy may not be all that official. It may be that the policy is just understood.

  3. Fudging discipline incidents is a well-established “black ops” procedure, I’m afraid.

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Mainstreaming developmentally disabled people isn’t too smart, either.

  5. “as dozens of students watched”

    Two words: Kitty Genovese.

    It’s easy for me to say that the audience should have risen to the occasion. But they must have been terrified. “I’ll have all my boys punch you” could apply to them as well as to the victim. And any would-be heroes would have been sued for assault.

    Walter E. Wallis; “Mainstreaming developmentally disabled people isn’t too smart, either.”

    What price equality?

  6. I’m not a criminal attorney, but isn’t trying to disuade the father from calling the police conspiracy after the fact?

  7. It’s easy for me to say that the audience should have risen to the occasion. But they must have been terrified.

    Or so brainwashed by their peer gang leaders that they actually felt that “bitch” deserved it. Peer pressure helped motivate the Serbian Army to rape and pillage Bosnia and Kosovo, so why can’t it work here?

    “I’ll have all my boys punch you” could apply to them as well as to the victim. And any would-be heroes would have been sued for assault.

    I suspect that any would-be heroes would have been treated much worse by the Law than the actual criminals. That always happens.

    Famous quotes from powermongers:

    “Boys will be boys.”

    “Children are cruel.”

    “They’re just doing what comes naturally.”

    “They’re really just good people deep inside, such fine clean cut young community leaders with good parents.”

    “The victim must have brought it on somehow.”

    “Self-defense is fascist, racist, and sexist.”

    “The ‘fags’ [or other non-tribal minority group] all deserve it.”

    “The world is such a wonderful heavenly place, so self-defense is nothing but paranoia.”

    “Socialization is the greatest blessing for any humyn beeng. The worst fate for anyone is to become a self-reliant but unsocialized schizophrenic hermit crab.”

  8. Walter E. Wallis Mainstreaming developmentally disabled people isn’t too smart, either.

    Could you please explain your reasoning for that comment?

  9. This is just unspeakably disgusting. Barbaric.

    As for the administrators who didn’t call the police and actually advised the parents not to, this is the only thing that makes me wish there is life after death, so these people can spend eternity in a Bosch hell.

  10. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘Mainstreaming developmentally disabled people isn’t too smart, either.’

    WTF is wrong with you? Disabled or not she’s gang raped at school and you blame the school for her being there?

  11. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Building the Chandler Tripp school in San Jose and finding out about the need to protect developmentally disabled girls from those who take advantage of their naivity.

  12. Walter E. Wallis says:

    I was not excusing the rapists, but blaming the administration for failing to provide the supervision that any one with the slightest knowledge of the problems with developmentally challenged females should have known was required.
    I also advise against leaving purses and laptops in view in a car, storing gasoline next to the water heater and giving your bank numbers to people who want to share a fortune with you.


  1. skelaxin says: