Prom night online

Why read your teen-ager’s diary when you can read her blog? The East Valley Tribune in Arizona reports that teen-agers are posting personal details online, assuming their parents won’t find their blogs.

Students who used to lock their diaries in their bedrooms now post their daily confessions, rantings and exploits for the world to see on Web logs or blogs.

. . . The technology means Chandler parents can go on the Internet, along with complete strangers, and view pho- tographs of their children carousing early Sunday morning in a hotel suite following Hamilton High School’s prom. One snapshot shows a girl holding a beer with the caption: “Still rockin at 6 in the AM.”

A Scottsdale student reports on her blog that she did not have sex following Chaparral High School’s prom on Saturday . . .

Meanwhile, a student from Tempe’s Corona del Sol High School returned from prom at 2 a.m. Sunday and reported on her blog: “No alcohol was consumed tonight by me, and I’m still a virgin.” But her mother, apparently, was not impressed. A follow-up message Sunday begins, “What I learned from my mom today: I am a horrible excuse for a human being.”

In a Pew survey, 62 percent of parents said they monitored their children’s Internet use; however, only 33 percent of the children said their parents checked on their online activities.

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