Colleges are competing for students with fancy rec centers.

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  1. One of the continual complaints raised by our students on their semester abroad programs is that we don’t make arrangments for “free” gym memberships. I pointed out to the students on my Rome program that the best deal I could estimate would raise the tariff for the program by about $250 per head. They said “That’d be fine!”

    A major modern culture shock for recent graduates is separate billing for cable and athletic facilities in the real world.

    I’m not sure we’re doing them a favor here.

  2. I paid fees for our monsterous rec center for years but only took one class in it. Then when I went back to finish my degree (still not done), I was hit with new fees to refurbish the dang thing.

    The news that colleges consider them an important feature for competition is nothing new. The fact the Newsweek and other polls also included these extra features as important to a college’s rating ticks me off.

  3. SuperSub says:

    And people wonder why the costs of attending schools are skyrocketing. This is yet another sign that the schools are established less for the purpose of educating students but for the making of a profit.
    It also leads tot he perverse practice of grade inflation…. give the kids more social activities to do, they study less, grades drop, and the profs are required to bump or curve the grades more.
    So, when you attend a college… not only are you paying for your tuition and costs associated with your education, but also funding other student’s tuitions, paying for facilities that you won’t use, and paying for activities that you don’t participate in or don’t even agree with.