Oversold sex

In Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons, it’s orgy time all the time on college campuses.

“Sex! Sex! It was in the air along with the nitrogen and the oxygen! The whole campus was humid with it! tumid with it! lubricated with it! Tingling with it! in a state of around-the-clock arousal with it!”

Not so much, Newsweek claims.

Whereas 79.3 percent of students in a 2001 Princeton survey had zero or one partner, respondents thought that the figure was only 32.5 percent. And while only 20.5 percent of respondents had two or more partners, the perception was that 67.7 of students did.

Of course, it depends what you mean by sex. Most students think oral sex doesn’t count, says a Penn instructor of human sexuality.

Student say they’re too busy for a committed relationship so they “hook up” for a night, complete with “the obligatory blow job,” and then move on.

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  1. Why should there be such a thing as a “human sexuality instructor?” If people need help, shouldn’t they get private lessons…

  2. Chris C. says:

    Regardless of what definition of ‘sex’ the students are using, it’s reasonable to assume they’re using the same definition in their estimates of others’ behavior and self-report.

    So one thing is clear; the students’ perceptions of others’ sex lives are wildly innaccurate.

  3. Considering what occurred after public schools undertook to teach sex education you ought to be glad no one had the bright idea to teach breathing education.