'No Bureaucrat Left Behind'

Faced with a teachers’ union lawsuit, President George W. Bush has announced the ‘No Bureaucrat Left Behind’ plan, Scrappleface reports. “The new plan would address teachers’ union complaints about unfunded federal mandates by removing the mandates, the funding and the federal role in public education.”

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  1. From an AP article on CNN.com

    >”The suit, citing a series of cost studies, outlines billions of dollars in expenses to meet the law’s mandates. They include the costs of adding yearly testing, getting all children up to grade level in reading and math, and ensuring teachers are highly qualified.”

    Since when is it an unfunded mandate for a school to be required to get all children up to some pathetically poor grade-level in reading and math?

    Since when is it an unfunded mandate to ensure teachers are highly qualified, whatever that means?

    >”To cover those costs, the suit says, states have shifted money away from such other priorities as foreign languages, art and smaller classes. The money gap has hurt schools’ ability to meet progress goals, which in turn has damaged their reputations, the suit says.’

    Oh good! They have to take away money from foreign languages and art to make sure that all kids can read and do basic math. Their reputations are more important. How unfair!

    There may be some real unfunded mandates required by NCLB, but meeting well-defined goals in reading and math aren’t ones of them.

    I am not a fan of NCLB – not becasue of unfunded mandates, but because the expectations are still way too low. Look at the tests. Look at the grading. Doing well on these tests is still no guarantee the poor will escape poverty.

  2. by removing the mandates, the funding and the federal role in public education.

    If only this were true…