I'm on Amazon!

Instapundit was nice enough to link to my announcement that my book is written. He also linked to the Amazon page, which I didn’t know existed. I see it gives a Dec. 1 publication date. News to me too, but it fits my best guess which was “before Christmas.”

In answer to the question, will I be blogging more: Well, I’d planned to blog less while finishing the manuscript but I never really cut down. I think I’ll stay at this level. I do have a lot of postponed freelancing to do.

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  1. Joanne —

    I immediately ordered your book from Amazon.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    “Robomower RL 850
    Robomower RL1000 w/ Docking Station
    Scott’s Classic 20″ Reel Mower, Sharpener, & Catcher ”
    This was in the also ordered square when I looked at Amazon.

  3. Ross the Heartless Conservative says:

    For those of you who are planning on buying Joanne’s book from Amazon please don’t forget to use the links on her website to access Amazon. She gets a little extra cash from the transaction that way. Heck, even if you are ordering something else go to Amazon via a link from one of your favorite bloggers. It helps them and does not cost you anything.