Fantasy sex

Young Americans are publicly raunchy but privately conservative in their sexual behavior and attitudes, writes David Brooks in the New York Times.

The fact is, sex is more explicit everywhere – on “Desperate Housewives,” on booty-quaking music videos, on the Internet -= except in real life. As the entertainment media have become more sex– saturated, American teenagers have become more sexually abstemious.

The culture war is over, he thinks.

One camp poses as the party of responsibility, lamenting the decadence of culture and the loss of traditional morality. The other side poses as the army of liberation, lamenting Puritanism, repression and the menace of the religious right.

No doubt some people will continue these stale kabuki battles on into their graves: the 50’s against the 60’s, the same trumped-up outrage, the same self-congratulatory righteousness, the same fund-raising-friendly arguments again and again.

But today’s young people appear not to have taken a side in this war; they’ve just left it behind. For them, the personal is not political. Sex isn’t a battleground in a clash of moralities.

What if they gave a culture war and nobody came?

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  1. …so to speak.

  2. Unintended, Bart. I have a clean mind.

  3. Conservatives can hold any culture war they want. Just don’t infere with my right to get my freak on.

  4. This article is curiously lacking in statistics and cites for the information in it. I don’t but it till I see from where he got his info.

  5. Steve LaBonne says:

    If your read much of Brooks’s stuff you’d know where he gets his info. I just hope he washes his hands afterwards. 😉

  6. Reginleif says:

    “If your read much of Brooks’s stuff you’d know where he gets his info.”

    You mean, from Anal Extraction Quarterly?