Donuts for delinquents

To curb after-school fights between middle school students belonging to rival gangs, Albany officials, parents and community members will hand out 1,200 free donuts.

“Twelve-hundred Dunkin Donuts. That works with kids, they like that. It’s almost like an olive branch,” said organizer Alison Coleman.

Matthew Tabor is not impressed.

It might be reasonable for one to think that being so out of touch with students allowed the violence to escalate in the first place.

Well, there’s nothing like a hit of sugar to fuel the after-school stabbings.

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  1. I give 24 hours until the obesity police are all over this one. You can’t hand out donuts in school anymore.

  2. Must’ve been a slow, news day.

    While it’ll be all but impossible to follow up on this story, I predict that the great donut handout will last once or twice more before someone’s precious turf will trod upon and the organizers told to move along.

    Oh yeah, it sounds pretty stupid to me.

  3. mike from oregon says:

    Here is the clincher in my book – if you read the story the school district tells the parents that they can’t come on the school grounds. What??? Who is paying for the school anyway?

    Donuts is a stupid idea, what they need are parents there to not hand out donuts, but watch over and take care of their kids. Throw some additional cops in the scene and the level of violence drops in a measurable way.

    Can’t come on the school grounds – lawyer time in my eyes. I’m really sick of the school administrators playing god (little ‘g’).

  4. Yeah, because absolutely no kids are going to fight over donuts. Riiight. Just wait until there’s only one chocolate donut left, then you’ll see the fun start.

  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Gangs are the refuge of cowards and the logical target of RICO laws. Would you become a Crip if it made you guilty of any Crip related criminal act? I do not understand why conspiracy laws are not used against gangs.

  6. You know, this could be a brilliant idea. Get the kids fat so they can’t fight or run away when the cops are called.