Charters pay more

Albuquerque non-union charter schools pay more to principals, teachers and aides than district-run schools, but expect them to work a longer day and year and take on more responsibilities. I don’t think this is uncommon.

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  1. John from OK says:

    All hail the Invisible Hand!

  2. Dang! I should have thought of that. Of course charters are going to do their best to compete on salaries.

    Since the parents can up and leave with junior, and take the associated dollar bills with them, there’s a premium on putting smiles on parental faces. One good way to do that is for junior to be excited about school and a way to do that is to have “cream of the crop” teachers.

    All the self-serving eyewash about teachers being a seperate specie – homo caresalotus – one way to bait the hook is with the almighty dollar. That’s so obvious that I ought to slap myself on the forehead a couple of times for forgetting about it and no, I don’t need any help.

    What’s really neat about this story is that it reveals the beginnings of the establishment of a market in teaching talent, something that at the K-12 level has simply never existed before.

    I have to wonder how the public education establishment is going to respond when the best teachers get paid more then the worst? Talk about a break with the past!

    Hey, teacher of the year might actually come to mean something. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


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