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Yale has changed from the days of frat boy Dink Stover (1912) to Yale Daily News sex columnist Chloe (2005), reports the New York Times.

As soon as Stover arrives as a freshman, a sophomore, Hugh Le Baron, offers advice:

“Don’t ticket yourself for drinking.”

“I won’t.”

“Or get known for gambling – oh, I’m not preaching a moral lesson, only, what you do, do quietly.”

“I understand.”

“And another thing: no fooling around with women; that isn’t done here.”

In contrast, by Page 10 of “Chloe Does Yale,” our heroine is fooling around with a vengeance:

Without a word, he leans in and kisses me. It’s good. He’s a goooood kisser. For just a moment I lose myself in it. Even my mind is giving a little sigh.

But the moment of enjoyment is fleeting and my mind begins racing again. The good kiss is lost and now he’s doing something very odd with his tongue.

Stover, the bumbling neophyte, has little fashion sense, as his friend Dopey McNab tells him:

“Fancy wearing a colored shirt – and such a color! You’re gotten up for a boating party – not for a formal lunch. You’re unspeakable, Dink, unspeakable! Look at me. I’m a delight – black and white, immaculate, impressive and absolutely correct.”

Chloe isn’t hung up on sartorial niceties:

Exotic Erotic is also the best party at Yale. Its motto: The less you wear, the lower the fare. Being only slightly more modest than cheap, I shelled out the requisite $3 at the door. I could have avoided the fee by showing the freshman manning the entrance my left breast. …

The author of Chloe, herself a sex columnist at Yale, wrote the book as an undergraduate and was published at 21.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Not exactly Stalky & Company.

  2. “Also a sex columnist at Yale.” I’m sure that in 1912 there wasn’t a single sex columnist at Yale, and I don’t think it was really necessary to change this.

  3. Women wonder why guys won’t commit… why should they? They’re getting everything they think they want already anyway.

    If the girls would turn off the sex faucet, they might notice a serious change in attitude in the guys.