Blog lunch

I had lunch yesterday in Chicago with Alex Russo of This Week In Education and Michael Lach of Teach and Learn. Go check out their sites. Go on.

Tomorrow, it’s on to New York, where I’m meeting with some non-cyber friends and with my publisher to talk about promoting my charter school book. How lavish will the book tour be?

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  1. “it’s on to New York” [presumably from Chicago? Or did you fly all the way back to CA, only to fly out again?]

    Joanne, do tell us what happened – if you can – when you come back! Or you could blog on location.

    Eventually interblogger meetings like the one you just had may be live online events. It’s probably already happening and I just don’t know it. The blogosphere is too huge for anyone to fully monitor. All sorts of firsts are occurring when few are looking.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Travel is broadening – lunches moreso. Watch it.

  3. Not to be discouraging, but an email acquaintance (and a best-selling SF writer) refers to book tours as “Author Death Marches”.

    Have fun, though.