Bake sale bias

Northeastern Illinois threatens to punish College Republicans if they hold a bake sale protesting affirmative action by charging different prices based on race and gender. But the university allowed campus feminists to hold a bake sale charging men more than women to protest pay inequity. FIRE, which has overturned bake sale bans at other colleges, is on the case, a classic of viewpoint discrimination.

The ACLU is defending high school students whose T-shirts were banned for pro-gay messages.

LaStaysha Myers, a heterosexual 15-year-old student at Webb City High School in Missouri, was twice sent home from school last November for wearing homemade t-shirts; first, one bearing several handwritten slogans such as “I support the gay rights!” and “Who are we to judge?” and the next day one that bore a rainbow and the Webster’s dictionary definition of “gay”: “M[e]rry, happy.”  Before censoring Myers, administrators routinely allowed students to wear shirts expressing other messages, including endorsements of the Bush and Kerry presidential campaigns, students’ views on abortion, and religious messages.

Administrators claim some messages are “disruptive” to the school, and therefore can be banned, while other messages are OK. It seems awfully thin.

Update: Thanks to FIRE, Northeastern Illinois has backed down on the bake sale ban.

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  1. The headlines would have read “High school senior arrested for solicitation” if the rules today were applied when I was in high school. One firey red-head used to wear her Hawaiian “Rotery Club” t-shirt to school all the time. The logo read, in Hawaiian, I presumed at the time, “Kamanwanaleiu.” How did I ever miss that one?

    Of course, I’d have been hanged for wearing my favorite “Makin’ Bacon” t-shirt. Now, of course, I see the error in my ways. For any Porcine-Americans I may have upset, I just want you to know that I deeply regret my thoughtless actions. Remember, breakfast would not be the same without you!


  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Why not require everyone to wear a gender badge so no one wastes time on an inapropriate target? Or mini fetus pins to show how many abortions one has had or caused?

  3. Half Canadian says:

    I’m in favor of uniforms myself. Eliminates those ‘disruptive’ messages.