'Baby on Board' in college

Colleges are “rushing to build high-tech classrooms and plush dormitories for a new breed of students,” the pampered children of the “Baby on Board” generation.

Kimberly Swygert calls it “Coddling the Millenials.”

I thought we were sending kids to college these days so that they could broaden their horizons, and learn something about the outside world, and be in a multicultural environment where they learn how other people think and act and live. But now colleges are spending like crazy to give every incoming freshman a upper-middle-class 90210 environment? What the heck is that?

Kimberly suspects “colleges with mystery meat in the dining hall and plenty of scunge in the hall bathrooms” are more likely to graduate students in four years or less.

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  1. I dunno about that. I live in a pretty cushy dorm (private bedroom with Internet and cable access, exercise room and computer lab) and I’m getting out in three and a half years. On the other hand, I know several students in the older dorms that are entering their sixth or seventh year. Admittedly, the cafeteria food is quite frightening no matter which dorm you live in, but from my personal experience that argument is not true.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Cafeteria food? Gee, what’s wrong with room service?

  3. Room service? Good enough for hotel guests, but not good enough for our Children™, the Future of America™? This grave inequality MUST be corrected immediately! Every minute wasted in line at the cafeteria is a minute of studying that is lost forever … sob … 🙂