After-school sports

Hispanic parents discourage daughters from competing in sports and other extracurriculars, often expecting them to come home after school to babysit younger siblings.

I sat near a family with a four-month old baby girl last night. The father was holding her, pretending she was walking, and saying, “You have to work out so you’ll win an athletic scholarship to college.”

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  1. John from OK says:

    I have a feeling that quite a few girls and their parents base their college plans on anticipated athletic sholarships. An interesting side affect of Title IX.

  2. Joanne, was that an Anglo or hispanic family?

  3. superdestroyer says:

    An interesting data set at

    Female Student-Athletes
    Started 96 Fin 01 & Graduated
    Black 949 569 60%
    Hispanic 170 111 65%
    White 4,931 3,550 72%
    American Indian/AN 33 20 61%
    Asian/PI 132 92 70%

    I believe that one of the reasons that the upper middle class supports Title IX is that the daughters of the upper middle class whites that benefit the most from Title IX.

  4. Taking care of kids after school *is* an athletic activity and it can teach you a lot!

    I know one woman, oldest of six kids, who got into Stanford in part based on a moving essay about helping her mother raise 5 little sibs. While she never played sports, she did learn a lot about crowd control, team work, multi-tasking and is now applying those skills on her way to getting an M.D./Ph.D at UC Irvine.

  5. Matthew Tabor says:

    Ha! Ivory, that made my day a little more interesting – thinking of learning “crowd control” from 5 younger siblings.

    Superdestroyer – what is the contexts of those statistics? And what do you believe they show?

  6. superdestroyer says:

    It shows the number of female scholarship athletes that that started in 1996 and the number that finished by 2001. I believe it shows that white females dominate college athletics much more than any demographic group dominates men’s sports.

    I think it reinforces the argument that Hispanics do not let girls participate in sports since there were only 170 Hispanic girl scholarship athletes started in 1996 versus 4931 white female athletes.

  7. Matthew Tabor says:

    Does anyone have any ideas about how/why the white female ends up dominating NCAA athletics?

    Also, sorry about that horrid typo. Is/contexts? *vomit*


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