Sophomore slump

From the feds, everything you always wanted to know about high school sophomores circa 2002.

Test results are dismal, Gadfly writes.

While most tenth graders possess very basic skills, the percentage who can read at the level of “simple inference” is less than half and the fraction that can handle “intermediate level” math concepts (and formulate “multi-step solutions to word problems”) is just one in five. Yet when asked about their educational aspirations, 72 percent expect to graduate from a four-year college and half expect to earn a graduate degree. Talk about a major mismatch between hope and reality.

More than two-thirds of high school graduates go to college; half drop out, usually in the first year.

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  1. Vivacesunshine says:

    Sometimes I wonder about some of those tests . . . just because I knew several people in high school who had fun deliberately putting down the wrong answers or making pretty designs with the bubbles. They couldn’t care less about the exams or how they affected the schools.

  2. Steve LaBonne says:

    Well, remember that the next time you hear somebody blathering about the evils of “high-stakes testing”. Consequences for the test-takers are the only way to insure that they’ll take the test seriously.