Sex offenders in school

To protect the privacy rights, some police departments in Illinois won’t tell principals the names of juvenile sex offender enrolled in their schools. The Chicago Tribune reports:

It was by chance that an East Peoria woman discovered that a boy who was found guilty of molesting her 7-year-old son was in the same physical education class as her teenage son.

The 16-year-old was registered as a sex offender with the Illinois State Police. But because of the disarray surrounding the juvenile sex offender registry, the information didn’t get to the school until the mother informed officials herself.

About 10 years ago, a father told me that the boy who’d tried to rape his daughter had enrolled at her high school. When she complained he was harassing her, the principal suggested she transfer. The boy couldn’t be moved because he’d been labeled behaviorally disabled; his special education class was located at the girl’s school.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    We really need to revise how we handle sex predators. Some form of positive seperation and/or continuous location monitoring has to be put in place. 30 arrests is enough evidence of career criminality for me, and career criminals do not have a right to free movement. It is criminal malfeasance to let these guys free to redepredate. There must be an economic penalty and career harm for law enforcement and judges when something like this happens.

  2. BadaBing says:

    Lock ’em up and throw away the key.