Prepared to flunk

Math test prep booklets sent to New York City teachers were riddled with errors, reports the New York Post.

Perhaps the most embarrassing error is on the cover of the booklet for the fourth grade — make that the “forth grade.” That’s how educrats in the department’s division of mathematics spelled it.

But they’re mathematicians, not spelling-bee champs, right?

So a mathematician would know that 15 + 10 = 25, right?

Apparently not.

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  1. Well, education’s more than just facts, right? eh?

  2. It’s difficult to get every single error out of the first printing of a book, no matter how many times you get it proofread. Sometimes, one of the most stupid-looking errors will sneak past six different people and you’ll have no idea how. I sympathize on that point.

    But if it’s consistent and includes incorrect solutions on the order of 0 = 6, someone was falling down on the job. That sucks because it gives teachers’ union spokespeople, such as the one quoted in the article, the perfect opportunity to depict testing and standards-tightening as a sham.

  3. Matthew Tabor says:

    I disagree, Sean – I don’t sympathize. If I miss anything while editing a text, my own or someone else’s, then I have completely failed to do my job. There are no excuses; there is little grey area here. It is performance vs. failure to perform.

    And no, the real reason it sucks is because some “forth” graders won’t even be able to spell the name of the grade they’re in, not because some union moron has new evidence on standardized testing criticism.