Neediest students attend worst schools

In New York City, children with the greatest needs are assigned to the worst high schools.

An investigation by WNYC News finds special education students and English Language Learners are, in fact, over-represented in the city’s most violent and failing schools. At the same time, special ed kids are missing out one of the city’s leading education reforms, the creation of new small schools.

It’s not that these students drag down school performance, education officials concede. The violent, low-performing schools aren’t educating anybody.

Small schools are supposed to specialize. Perhaps New York should create small schools that specialize in educating immigrant students who don’t know English by high school or helping learning disabled students who aren’t likely to do well in mainstream classes.

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  1. Bluemount says:

    The NY Times also did an article on kids in ESL programs that were trapped. Once they were in the program they were required to have better proficency that the English speaking students. Even if they excelled on standardized testing they could not attend mainstream classes. NYC needs to deal better with corruption first.