Don't shake that booty

A Texas legislator wants to ban “sexually suggestive” cheerleading routines.

The Friday night lights in Texas could soon be without bumpin’ and grindin’ cheerleaders. Legislation filed by Rep. Al Edwards would put an end to “sexually suggestive” performances at athletic events and other extracurricular competitions.

“It’s just too sexually oriented, you know, the way they’re shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down,” said Edwards, a 26-year veteran of the Texas House.

I wonder who’d enforce such a law.

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  1. The Commissioner of Education, God only knows how (or why). Crap like this makes me embarassed to have been a legislative staffer.

    FYI, the bill text and status are available at

  2. Confession: I have been known to attend (with binoculars in hand) some sporting events solely for the purpose of scamming the cheerleaders. I feel better now.

  3. Joanne Jacobs wrote:

    I wonder who’d enforce such a law.

    I wonder how they’d determine when the law ought to be enforced.

    When does pretty darned suggestive cross the line to criminally suggestive?

    What about mitigating circumstances? A cheerleading routine that might be acceptable on a warm evening might become significantly more suggestive, and thus criminal, on a chilly evening.

    Would the law be gender-neutral?

  4. Most news stories identify an elected person’s politcal affiliation. I notice this story didn’t. Is is because

    a: he is a conservative, white, fundamentalist Republican from West Texas, or

    b: he is a liberal, black Democrat from Houston who supported Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry for President?

    Correct answer is “b”. Another example of unconcious liberal bias in the media.

  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    There is an obvious need, here, for a new Federal department, the Bureau of Sports, or BS for short.

  6. I wonder what new right the ACLU will come up with to defend those poor cheerleaders.

  7. Cordsam, the bill’s sole cosponsor (so far) is a conservative white Republican. Legislative stupidity knows no race or party.

  8. Mollo, it’s not a new right. It’s plain old freedom of speech. (Shaking your behind is a form of communication.)

    OTOH, that sort of communication is rather out of place in public at a high school function. The schools, and the legislature that establishes and funds the public schools, do have the right to regulate it – but only if they can clearly define what’s allowed and what isn’t without making asses of themselves.

  9. I was in drill team and we had to change parts of the dances every once in a while. The teacher thought it was too racy but so did we! We didn’t want to flash the football crowds our bloomers. That would be nasty.

  10. Joanne, if you are looking for volunteers to enforce this … where do I sign up?

  11. There may be a real problem here but it can’t really be addressed effectively except at the local level.