“Cyberbullies, mostly ages 9 to 14, are using the anonymity of the Web to mete out pain without witnessing the consequences,” reports USA Today.

Half of 3,000 U.S. children surveyed the past six months said they or someone they know have been victims or guilty of cyberbullying, Wired Safety says.

Bullying isn’t just for large males. Now anyone, male or female, with minimal technical skills can get into the act. But victims still tend to be kids seen as “different.”

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  1. This is just complete and utter nonsense. This type of harassment is as old as the hills. In the 1960s (when I was in that demographic) the technique was “slam books” — anonymous compliations of observations, prank phone calls, locker notes, whispering campaigns.

    IT ISN”T ANY DIFFERENT, people. “Cyberbullies” — get real.

    Feh. I am going off to kick some kitties.

  2. Reginleif says:

    It is different, at least in intensity. Used to be that when a student went home, s/he could escape from the bullies. Now, it seems, when they log into their home PC, they continue to get bombarded with abuse.