Uplifting society — and pants

The “Droopy Drawers Bill,” passed 60-34 by Virginia’s House of Delegates, would impose a $50 fine on fashionistas who flash their underwear instead of keeping it . . . under. From the Washington Times:

 “It’s not an attack on baggy pants,” said (Delegate Algie T.) Howell, Norfolk Democrat. “To vote for this bill would be a vote for character, to uplift your community and to do something good not only for the state of Virginia, but for this entire country.”

It’s not clear if the fine would apply to plumbers, carpenters or other laborers who have problems with low-riding pants. The bill states the fine would apply to those who display their below-the-waist underwear in a “lewd or indecent manner.”

Critics say the bill targets black males.  Besides, many of those voting for the bill committed fashion crimes in their youth. Several delegates admitted to having worn platform shoes and polyester leisure suits.

Louisiana rejected a similar bill last year, and it’s not clear whether Droopy Drawers — The Education Wonks suggest calling it the Just Say No To Crack Act — will get past Virginia’s Senate.

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  1. superdestroyer says:

    In a state that is beginning to have problems with the MS 13 central american crime gangs in its schools, I wonder why elected representatives have time to worry about such minor issues.

  2. When good taste, class, common decency, and bourgeois modesty are tossed out the window, you try to legislate them back into vogue. It won’t work. Kierkegaard said, “The way back from pleasure is hard.” So is the way back from the ghettoization of society. Not that drooping pants are a terrible thing in and of themselves. It’s just another symptom of illness in the body politic. Add up all such “minor issues” and you get a disturbing picture. Or does anyone really doubt that Western Civiliation is in rapid and irrecoverable decline? You just take note of the latest breech in the wall and keep going.

  3. Badabing wrote:

    Or does anyone really doubt that Western Civiliation is in rapid and irrecoverable decline?

    Count me among the doubters then.

    I can’t think of any five year period in my plus half century that didn’t include some evidence of the imminent demise of western civilization and degeneracy of American culture. Compared to, say, the utter self-absorption of the sexual revolution or the drug culture, droopy drawers seems pretty tame.

    I’d be willing to investigate evidence of the decline of western civilization but bad taste in clothes in teenagers just sets the bar way too low.

  4. I say go all the way and just ban pants. That’s the real problem here: the inability for some members of society to find and correctly utilize properly-fitting pants.

    Western Civilization will be saved. And we’ll get to wear togas, too!

  5. As the law is written, wouldn’t low-rider pants be legal if you just didn’t wear underwear?