Truant kids, jailbird parents

To get frequent truants back in class, school are threatening to arrest parents who let their kids skip school. From the Christian Science Monitor:

While some parents have served short jail terms for contributing to their children’s truancy, most are sentenced to perform community service or pay fines if they fail to respond to less-punitive measures.

Truancy isn’t a new problem, but “the federal accountability requirements of No Child Left Behind have pressured more school districts to try to replicate successful methods,” the Monitor reports.

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  1. Independent George says:

    This sounds like a bad idea to me. Attendance is important, but I’m just not comfortable with the use of criminal sanctions for this.

  2. Actually, it is quite a good idea. Currently, the general public pays the price
    for truancy. Now it’s up to the people that can make a differnece to pay.

    There IS a price to pay for ignoring your children and it’s about time some so-called parents find this out.

  3. superdestroyer says:


    the public also pays the price of having the children who want to learn and want to achieve sitting in a class that is disrupted by truants. The best thing a school system could do about truants is forget that they exist.

    You cannot make a kid learn if they do not want to learn and the attempt at force just ruins the school for everyone else.

  4. Superdestroyer,

    Interesting comment. Should we extend the same courtesy to career criminals?

    Fix the cause, not the symptom. The cause is lack of parenting. Fix that and no one suffers.

    “Ma and Pa done never went to skool, why should I?”

  5. I will say I like this idea better than offering basketball tickets, or cash prizes, or whatever, to kids as a “reward” for attendance.

    We shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to offer rewards for what a person is supposed to do anyway.

    although I suppose the one could make the argument that the reward for showing up to one’s job as an adult is not getting fired….