The joy of choice

Casey Lartigue volunteers with the Washington Scholarship Fund, which runs D.C.’s publicly funded scholarship program and its own private program. Yesterday was the final recruitment session for the publicly funded vouchers.

One woman, a grandmother, is raising her grandchildren. Her son is in jail. She doesn’t want her grandkids to end up in the same situation so she wants to get them out of the negative environment they are currently living. Now, I realize that some critics of vouchers call this “creaming,” in which the best kids leave lousy public schools to attend private school. Of course, it is so much easier to denounce creaming when you aren’t actually dealing with people trying to take advantage of opportunities.

. . . Some of the parents who feel that this is the last chance to get their children into a quality school get really emotional about the program. I was present last year during the publicly funded lottery — a cold process with a lot of lawyers and other witnesses present. Then I was there when some of the parents were notified that they had received scholarships. So many shouts of hallelujah! and praise the lord! were coming through the phone lines.

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