Strange days

My host provider has been down. Way down. Now my site is back but the last five days have been wiped out. I’m getting pre-Jan. 30 e-mail too. It’s a giant time warp. I had some posts elsewhere, so I may try to reconstruct some of the missing posts. Or wait to see if they magically return.

OK, I’ve reposted the ones I could, guessing wildly about the dates. If anyone happens to have one of my missing posts on their site, could you e-mail it to me? I’ve lost the comments and trackbacks and archives too.

Update: Thanks to a reader, I’ve gone to the cache of the site and reposted most of what was lost. I got tired and decided some of the old posts could stay dead. What a hassle.

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  1. As it happens, I very likely have all of your recent posts (but not comments). I will check tomorrow and email what I have.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Obviously you were getting too close. Next, black helicopters with NEA markings. Verrry strange!

  3. Glad you’re back, you had me worried there for a bit. Hope the previous poster call help you.

  4. Joanne,

    Sorry to hear of your server’s meltdown. I’ve been through it (lost most of my comments) and sympathize totally.

  5. A server crash I can understand, but I thought the error page was a bit much. I don’t think I’d choose this provider to host an online retail site.


  1. Oh, this sucks

    Bigtime. Joanne Jacobs’s host provider fried a synapse or something and the last five days of posts went poof. Now she’s in a giant time warp. That’s odd. Why do I feel a song coming on?…