Parents vs. teachers

Parents Behaving Badly is Time’s cover story. (You must be a subscriber to read the whole thing online.)

If you could walk past the teachers’ lounge and listen in, what sorts of stories would you hear?

An Iowa high school counselor gets a call from a parent protesting the C her child received on an assignment. “The parent argued every point in the essay,” recalls the counselor, who soon realized why the mother was so upset about the grade. “It became apparent that she’d written it.”

Blame perfect mothers, obsessed with their children’s success. But it’s not entirely new. About 25 years ago, a book came out analyzing several high schools, including the suburban high school I’d attended. I was surprised to read that teachers didn’t appreciate the involved, education-minded parents. They complained about pushy parents who called to harass them about grades. I wonder if there’s a school in existence where teachers think parents are neither apathetic about their children’s education or overinvolved.

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