More drop-outs

More students are dropping out of high school at earlier ages, says a report by Educational Testing Service. High school completion rates fell from 1990 to 2000, says the report, One-Third of a Nation: Rising Dropout Rates and Declining Opportunities. Wages for high school drop-outs have fallen sharply.

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  1. Evidently, “voting with your feet” is a concept even sixteen year olds can understand and I’d say this phenomenon is a vote of no confidence.

    One thing to consider is that even though they may be drop-outs now they may decide to take a more pointed interest in the system in the future. Like when they have kids of their own and have reached voting age. I wonder if they’ll be filled with warm feelings for the system they dropped out of? I wonder if they’ll be happy about submitting their children to the system they couldn’t get away from fast enough?

    Hmmm. Maybe the answer’s have already been tendered.