Help for TypeKey victims, maybe

If you’re having trouble registering or logging in to my comments, you now can go to TypeKey Support to report the problem. If you do, and they come up with a solution, please post a comment on it or e-mail me. Quite a few people are having problems. I can’t see a pattern, so far.

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  1. I can usually get in, but sometimes it takes two or three tries. Maybe it depends on the speed of the connection or level of traffic, either at my end or at the login server– probably some sort of timeout error. The failure mode is nothing that makes sense– it accepts my password but doesn’t take me to a screen that will accept my comments.

    Anyway, if you have trouble getting in, and there is no obvious error message, try again a couple of times.

  2. Mad Scientist says:

    Sometimes simply hitting the “refresh” button on your browser works. Or close the window (I generally open the comments in a separate window), and try again. It usually works.

  3. Richard Nieporent says:

    Help fight Typekey Syndrome. Symptoms include inability to communicate. Anyone can become a victim of Typekey Syndrome. Nobody is immune. Please contribute all you can to help wipe out this debilitating condition. These are our national spokesmen for Typekey Syndrone.

  4. The problem with the Comments popup window keeps mutating.

    At some point clicking on the name of the poster (or weblog link of the poster) led to a forbidden zone. Now it works but the linked weblog that opens is confined to the narrow confines of the Comments popup window.

    The Comments window also suffers from Alzheimer’s. It says: Remember me? I say: Yes. But it never remembers and is making new friends every day.