Funding liberalism on campus

Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank, is funding liberal newspapers on already liberal college campuses. “Isn’t that a bit like pumping sand into the Mojave Desert?” the Washington Post asks.

“We’re not winning the battle of ideas on campus,” says David Halperin, who is running the project for the Center for American Progress. Conservatives “have this insurgency mentality, even though they run the world.”

“We’re being outhustled,” says Halperin’s colleague Ben Hubbard. “We want to cultivate the media stars, much like the right has done with Ann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza.”

Toward that end, the center will give $750,000 to nine liberal campus publications at such places as Princeton, Dartmouth and the University of Wisconsin, and help launch four at the universities of Michigan, Chicago, Kentucky and Ohio State. This is dwarfed by the more than $30 million a year that they estimate conservative campus organizations receive from such groups as the Young America’s Foundation and Leadership Institute.

The web site,, has a cartoon showing a blonde female cheerleader, dressed in blue, kicking off the head of a red devil-monster, revealing the cowering male within. The caption reads: “It’s time for progressive students to start winning the battle of ideas.”

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  1. I guess what makes me upset about this is that these people keep on calling themselves “progressives” and they haven’t come up with an idea that amkes any progress in a generation. If they are getting outhustled by the conservatives could it possibly be that their ideas just don’t resonate with the students. Lord knows there are plenty of professors who push the envelope for the liberals out there! If the conservatives are doing better, I guess their ideas just sell better with the students. What more are these people going to do than the professors are already doing for them now?

  2. “What more are these people going to do than the professors are already doing for them now?”

    This reminds me of the effort to set up a leftist radio network (the Al Franken show). It’s laughable. Just tune in to main media. NPR will do just fine.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Is progressiveism the party of blonds? Jokes make it seem so.

  4. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘”We’re not winning the battle of ideas on campus,”‘

    Must be the problem is that Ann Coulter is on the other side. Maybe you need some new ideas?

  5. Isn’t David Halperin the queer theorist whose book was fileted by Camille Paglia in that gajillion-page essay of hers 14 years ago? Or one of them?