Complain for a cure to Mommy Madness

Help is on the way for upper-middle-class uber-moms, Iowahawk reports.

Alachua, FL – Victims of ‘Mommy Madness,’ the self-esteem crisis that has devastated women on both coasts and parts of Chicago, are finally getting much-needed help thanks to the spontaneous relief efforts of thousands of volunteers across the country.

“It’s hard to look at the plight of these women and not want to chip in and ‘git ‘er done,'” says Tammi Jo Pearsall, 28.

Pearsall, herself a mother of four and part-time convenience store clerk in Alachua, is widely credited with creating the grassroots relief network that has generated over $4,600 in donations for Upper Westside supermoms desperately seeking meaningful time for self-actualization.

It all started when she read Newsweek’s article “about how these mommas up there in New York and Boston were faced with all them false expectations and gender roles.”

Go ahead. Read the whole thing.

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