A grammar snob at school

Reginleif sent me to this LiveJournal discussion on whether it’s snobby to demand correct grammar in school. A Fairbanks, Alaska elementary teacher saw that the “Parents Lounge” sign was missing its apostrophe.

So, I whipped out my handy marker and was inserting an apostrophe when my principal came along. She told me we must not be grammar snobs. Right, at an educational institution, it’s never good form to actually try to educate.

The teacher saw the sign as an imperative, ordering parents to lounge, while I think it was a general comment about parents’ tendency to lounge.

Update: Engineer Poet, another TypeKey registration victim, says I should have mentioned Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

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  1. You left out the apostrophe {parents’) in the last line of the post. I guess that makes me a grammar snob too.

  2. For a time, there was a sign at the entrance of the elementary school in our neighborhood that read “Bully Free Zone”. My husband and I noticed it when we went there to vote one day. We joked that the lack of a hyphen between ‘bully’ and ‘free’ meant that we could expect to pick up a free bully and then debated who made better bullies: boys or girls.

  3. It’s OK to be a snob, if you’re right, Flake. I’ve added the apostrophe.

  4. Is there anyone left in doubt why kids don’t learn grammar at this school?


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