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It seemed for awhile that my daughter’s Stanford degree (OK, it was in American Studies) had prepared her for a career as an unpaid intern. However, yesterday Allison started her first paid post-college job as an assistant to a literary publicist in Los Angeles. Since my book is due out in September, I’m thrilled she’s learning how to promote books and authors.

Today, as she was driving to the office supply store, her car was hit by a red-light runner. She’s OK, except for her neck, which hurts. The car had to be towed, but may be fixable. A witness offered to swear that the other guy was at fault.

Faithful readers may remember my car was rear-ended a month ago while stopped at a red light, with my daughter as a passenger. Red lights seem to be our nemesis. Allison’s neck hurt then too, but only for a few days. I’ve now progressed from constant back pain to intermittent back pain, which is infinitely better. My car was totaled.

Allison and I are wondering if the “hit me” sign has been transferred to her. One accident a month seems a bit much.

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  1. I am very glad that both you and your daughter are OK. It could have been much worse. I too was involved in a crash due to another driver running a traffic signal back in 1987. It totaled my car.

    It is a shame that we are subjected to the idiocies of the countless reckless drivers (or should I say opponents) that we are forced to share the streets with.

    There needs to be much better enforcement, with much stricter consequences for those that treat a 3 ton automobile like its some sort of toy and not the potentially lethal weapon that it is.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope things work out, both spinally and job-ally.

  3. It sounds like red lights are the other people’s nemesis, not yours. You and your daughter are just innocent victims of the inability to decode those complex color-coded arrangements and their symbolic meanings.

    In other words, it’s Ashcroft’s fault.

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Either HumVees or Harleys. Nothing in between.

  5. Robert Schwartz says:

    First: We are all thankful for your health and safety.

    Second: Replacement vehicles. Sedans, not SUVS. Mass Not Cute. SIDE AIRBAGS. A reasonable suggestion in a late model used car. not to expensive for a young lady on her first job to drive. 2002 Honda Accord. Just make sure it is a 4cyl model with side airbags which can be had for 13-16$K.

    Third. The unpaid intership for LA grads is an abomination. It is a violation federal wages and hours laws but the kids are not in a position to blow a whistle on it. My oldest graduate last june and went through 6 mos of unpaid “internship” and graduated to the payroll at New Years.

    Fourth: Congratuatlations to your daughter for making it through the internship into the world of paid work.