Teachers who blog and diablog

Darren, a high school math teacher in Sacramento, and an Army vet, is blogging at Right on the Left Coast.

Here’s his letter to the NEA in response to an article suggesting “NEA Republicans, who comprise one-third of the Associaton (NEA) membership, need to become more active in the GOP” to change the party.

Perhaps NEA Republicans need to become more active in the NEA and help turn it from being little more than a shill for the Democrat Party.

Thank you again, Reg Weaver and the rest of the NEA leadership, for being so partisan, for putting all our eggs in the Democrat basket, that teachers can effectively be ignored by the Administration for another 4 years. Why should the Bush Administration listen to an organization that opposes its every move?

Darren says he was inspired by me, making Right on the Left Coast my blogchild.

Also check out a teachers’ dialogue blog (diablog?) called TLN Teachers Voices.

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