Sexploitation and parents

Michele of Small Victory writes about sexual exploitation of girls by the media — and by boys — and and says it’s not the fault of “society” if your kid has no self-respect, morals or judgment.

Well, damn. I missed Katie Couric’s special on blowjobs last night. I really meant to watch it, because I so depend on television personalities to tell me what my kids are thinking in regards to sex and how to talk to them about it.

Couric became passionate about the subject after hearing “horror stories” of teens having sex at early ages and wanted teens, parents and experts to weigh in.

So what was the point of Katie’s sex show? To bring these kids to the forefront and show all the other teens who are not aware of “friends with benefits” what they’re missing?

“I think that society is so sexualized from the time these kids are small, they’re quite comfortable..”

Isn’t Katie just adding to the sexualization of society by bringing these teens on national television to talk about their sexploits? Oh, she’s doing it under the guise of something newsworthy or educational.

Before the Internet, kids were having sex too, writes Michele. But people didn’t blame society for it. They blamed the parents.

Michele is an admitted counter-revolutionary in the sexual revolution. Not coincidentally, she’s the mother of a teen-age girl.

And she’s got a survey on oral sex.

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